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Japan offers a popular market for real estate. Beginning with Tokyo – one of the world’s preeminent metropolises – Japan is home to charming cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka that each have their own personality. Here is a brief introduction to the features of each area.

Introduction to Areas around Japan

Japan offers a popular market for real estate. Beginning with Tokyo – one of the world’s preeminent metropolises – Japan is home to charming cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka that each have their own personality. Here is a brief introduction to the features of each area.

Tokyo Prefecture

The Economic, Cultural, and Political Center of Japan

Tokyo is Japan’s capital and one of the world’s leading metropolises. As the economic, cultural, and political center of Japan, Tokyo has an incredibly large population that includes a significant number of non-Japanese – approximately 21% of all foreigners living in Japan. The city consists of an amalgamation of people and cultures and offers not only the latest cutting-edge trends in fashion and culture but also the chance to enjoy a variety of traditions and cuisines from around the world. With a massive economy boasting a GDP among the highest of the world’s cities, Tokyo is a globally-renowned metropolis overflowing with wonder and popular sites of international tourism.

Osaka Prefecture

The Heart of West Japan with Its Own Unique Culture

Second only to Tokyo, Osaka is the economic center of west Japan and home to numerous foreign residents, with approximately 9.4% of foreigners in Japan residing in Osaka as of 2015. The city is known for its warm people and friendly atmosphere and has developed its own original food culture. From commercial and business districts lined with skyscrapers to residential areas and more, each location has its own distinct flavor. In addition to its popularity as a tourist destination and easy accessibility, Osaka also offers convenient access to the neighboring areas of Kyoto, Hyogo, and Nara among others.

Kyoto Prefecture

A City where Japan’s History Still Lives Today

As a city where the historical townscapes and culture of Japan are still alive today, Kyoto is not only popular among foreign travelers but is an extremely popular destination for domestic tourists as well. In 2015, the annual number of visitors to Kyoto was over 50 million of which 3.16 million were foreign overnight guests. Kyoto is home to numerous historical temples and shrines and is dotted with 293 sites designated as important cultural properties. Each season offers spectacular views, from the cherry blossoms in spring and fresh greenery of summer to the vivid leaves of autumn. To preserve and protect its ancient townscapes and beautiful scenery, Kyoto has put in place a variety of ordinances regulating the height of shop signs and buildings among others.

Hyogo Prefecture

A Source of Rich Tourism

Hyogo Prefecture stretches from north to south and borders Osaka and Kyoto prefectures. The south of Hyogo is made up of urban areas lining the sea and offers excellent access to both Osaka and Kyoto. Located here is Hyogo’s most populous city and one of Japan’s most representative port towns, Kobe. The Kobe area has a long history as a site of foreign settlements, and still today this international influence can be found in the architecture and atmosphere spreading throughout its city streets. Hyogo Prefecture is also home to Amanohashidate, one of the famous Three Views of Japan, as well as various hot springs resorts, such as Kinosaki Onsen and Arima Onsen, and Himeji Castle – an important cultural property – making it a rich source of tourism.

Nara Prefecture

A Charming Site of Historical Heritage and Magnificent Nature

Built as the ancient capital of Japan, Nara Prefecture has an incredibly long history. Still home to numerous historical properties, Nara has the most world heritage sites of all Japan’s prefectures. It also contains a wide variety of areas rich in nature, so one needs only travel just outside its main urban districts to envelop oneself in the rich greenery of magnificent natural beauty. Approximately 2 hours from Kansai International Airport by car, Nara is covered in clear rivers and stunning mountains that allow you to enjoy a relaxing moment away from the bustle of big cities.

Shiga Prefecture

A Site for Fully-enjoying Leisure Activities

Home to Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake, Shiga prefecture is composed predominantly of the mountains and cities surrounding Biwa’s shores. Closely connected to Kyoto and Osaka, it offers excellent accessibility to these neighboring prefectures. Here, you can enjoy marine sports on Lake Biwa in summer and winter sports such as skiing on the surrounding mountains in winter.

Fukuoka Prefecture

Asia’s Entrance into Japan

Located in western Japan, Fukuoka is the most populous prefecture in the Kyushu region and, just 200km from Busan, Korea, an increasingly popular site of international tourism particularly from Asia. One feature of Fukuoka is its convenient accessibility. The centrally-located Hakata and Tenjin areas are situated just 5-10 mins from Fukuoka Airport allowing you to enjoy your visit until the very last minute. Fukuoka also has its own unique food culture offering one more attractive feature when traveling here.

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