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Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy

We take the utmost care in handling personal information provided by our customers.

1. Person in Charge of Protecting and Managing Personal Information
In addition to complying with the relevant laws and regulations concerning the handling of personal information, we also have placed a person in charge of ensuring its appropriate management.
2. Basic Principles
In compliance with and respect of the relevant laws and social order concerning the protection of personal information, we have established Principles for the Protection of Personal Information and work to ensure information entrusted to us is appropriately handled and protected.
3. Possession of Personal Information
We retain the following personal information entrusted to us by our customers: name, address, DOB, telephone number, email address, name of employer, and all other designated items such as annual salary included in brokerage contracts, sales contracts, or other documents.
4. Acquisition, Usage, and Provision of Personal Information
In addition to employing appropriate methods when acquiring personal information, we make public, provide notice of, and expressly state the purposes of use. Personal information will not be handled beyond the scope of the purposes of use without the consent of the person concerned. In the event personal information is provided or disclosed to a third party, it will be done according to procedures proscribed by the relevant laws and company regulations.
5. Purposes of Use of Personal Information
When acquiring and/or using personal information belonging to employees or handled in any of our business operations, we will expressly state the purposes of use and appropriately handle said information within the scope necessary to achieve the specified purposes. Personal information will not be used for any reason other than those designated.
  • To execute contracts or perform services regarding a transaction
  • To introduce company services
  • To introduce events, seminars, and campaigns hosted, cosponsored, and supported by our company
  • To request cooperation in a company survey
  • To send greetings or New Year’s cards, etc.

For other purposes agreed to in advance by the customer concerned

6. Joint Use of Personal Information
In order to perform services designated in the purposes of use, personal information acquired from customers may be entrusted to a contracted business. The contracted business will not use the personal information for any purposes other than to perform the designated service. Only businesses that have met the protection standards established by our company will be selected and instruction on and supervision of appropriate management for the handling of personal information will be provided.
7. Disclosure, Revision, and Suspension of Use of Personal Information
Requests made by the customer concerned for disclosure, revision, and suspension of use of personal information, will be promptly dealt with.

May 1, 2017
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